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We stock a wide variety of superior nutritious products for a wide variety of pets' tastes and needs

There's no
second best for
your loved ones

You have just so many years with your pet, so why not make those healthy, happy years — maybe even years that add up to a longer life? It's easy once you realize that the right nutrition and training are the cornerstones of care that ensure the long and happy life of your pet. Let's face it, we love them as we do every member of the family. So there is no second best. The love you have for your pet translates into the quality of nutrition in your pet's food. Come on in. Let's talk about your loved one.

Sure you'll find other nutritious pet foods with fresh, table-grade meat, whole produce and herbs. Some are baked (not extruded) and there are even a few made without meat meal. What you won't find is another dry pet food made entirely from real food ingredients (that means no meat meal or dehydrated produce) and meets all of the nutritional requirements of your pet without adding anything. Plus Carna4 boasts higher levels of bio-available nutrients, naturally-occurring enzymes, live probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids than you'll find in any other complete pet food. Come to our Fiskdale location and learn more about this remarkable product.