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Kathy Mernard
Kathy Menard, CPDT-KA

Kathy Menard knows dogs.
Kathy Menard, who owns Compatible Canine in Fiskdale and KT's Pet Stop in Palmer, has been a dog trainer for over 35 years and has earned over 15 titles in the sport of Schutzhund.

My dog begs snacks from me.
Am I creating a problem by feeding him from our table or my seat?

Question of the MonthThere are actually two parts to your question:  feeding from your table/seat, and what you are feeding.  Feeding from the table will create begging.  Only you can decide if that is a behavior you can  live with.   Another option, if you don't want him/her begging would be to add the "snack" to his/her food.  You need to watch what you are feeding, tho.  Personally, I would avoid feeding chips, crackers, dips, sweets, etc.  A few tidbits of cheese or left over meat or veggies would be fine.  Fruit is fine, just be sure to never give grapes or raisins!

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